The idea of a borderless world remains an illusion and will undoubtedly stay that way.

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” is a line from the poem Mending Wall. In layman terms meaning “nature doesn’t love a wall and keeps knocking them down while man keeps rebuilding them”. But for as long as mankind has been building, we have been building walls: around cities, along borders, across disputed lands; to protect, keep out, demarcate and divide.

Man divided our planet into 193 countries, separating one from another with countless borders. Within these 193 countries live just over 7 billion people who speak over 2500 language. From that perspective, the world itself remains as a big mystery, a huge place that challenges those who are ready and prepared to cross these borders to experience and be touched by what is to be found on the other side.

Bike Without Borders is simply about a couple and their motorcycle that wish to explore such great diversity from a perspective that is meaningful to them.

We invite you to share our journey with us.
John & Gaby

Nothing is truly ours except our own experiences!