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Putre…. The next Pedro de Atacama ??

According to the Chile tourism board, Putre could become the next Pedro de Atacama. If you ask me, it´s just fine the way it is and doesn’t need flocks of tourists to make it more attractive than it already is.

For one thing , you won´t get a 3 course meal at the local restaurant which looks like this for   3,500 pesos (US$6.50) in San Pedro !!  The red soup is beetroot, and according to Gaby , the best soup she has ever had.


A couple of photos from the village below-




Oh what a feeling!

Freedom means different things to different people.

For some, not knowing what they’ll be doing or where they’ll be doing it, is unsettling and nerve racking. For others, it means freedom, adventure , a chance to do and see things differently from the way we act towards and view situations when locked in our everyday environments and routines.

Fortunately our (Gaby and mine) appreciation and interpretation of freedom is very much the same.

The day has finally come, we are sitting at the airport in Santiago waiting for the plane to take us to Arica in the very north of Chile. From there we’ll pick up our trusty 1200GS adventure and start a new chapter in this journey we know as life. A journey which we hope to enrich and live to the very fullest.

Oh, what a feeling!!!