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USA Customs

Our bike has now been with customs for 12 days and still hasn’t been cleared to depart American soil.  It’s now Saturday morning and we fly to Reykjavik on Monday!

You can now see why John does all the talking on the video’s when in English.

Our new life begins

After 8 hectic months of running motorcycle tours, selling motorcycles & vehicles, and our apartment in Santiago, etc, etc, we’re finally back in the USA where we left our personal motorcycle.  Not for long though!

Since arriving, we’ve crated our motorcycle and delivered it to Icelandair Cargo who will clear it from US customs and fly it to Iceland.

On May 26th we depart Boston for Reykjavik  (Iceland) and from there, a whole new adventure begins.

By the way, thanks to all of those who sent us messages of encouragement for our new life on the road.

John & Gaby


Después de 8 meses bien agitados , terminando con los tours de la temporada, vendiendo todas las motos, vehículos y nuestro departamento en Santiago, finalmente regresamos a USA para reunirnos con nuestra moto .

Desde que llegamos nos dedicamos a embalar la moto para mandarla a Islandia via Icelandair Cargo.

El 26 de Mayo volamos de Boston a Reykjavik  (Capital de Iceland) donde daremos inicio a nueva aventura .

Aprovechamos agradecer a todos aquellos que nos dejaron un mensaje  de buenos deseos en esta nueva etapa en nuestras vidas

John & Gaby

Bike Without Borders – Blog Video 42 (L) from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.