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Goodbye England – Bonjour France

Being born and raised in Buenos Aires , France feels in many ways like home.  There are cafes and Boulangeries ( Panaderias/ bakeries )  on every corner where you see people beginning the day with a coffee and a croissant. The smell of freshly-baked bread first thing in the morning also brings back memories.  There’s nothing like walking by a bakery and breathing in the baguettes.

The charm of Champagne, the area where we stayed for the last few days,  is the result of both scenery and history. The combination of roads surrounded by wineries and smalls villages in between with buildings  of Stone, bricks and oak that are 200/300 years old or more give this place a unique feeling – we tried to capture some of its essence to share it with you.



After spending 4 wonderful months at our home in Tasmania, we now find ourselves aboard a plane bound for England. There we’ll meet with our faithful travel companion who started this journey with us in Chile 3 years ago.

Our time in Australia has been very special, spending lots of time with John’s mother and father, catching up with family and friends, and enjoying the raw beauty that Tasmania and Australia have to offer.

Our next journey will start from London as we head towards North Africa.  Where we’ll finish is yet to be decided.