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A Taste of Morocco

One thing we learnt in Morocco is that time doesn’t matter.  There is an old Berber proverb that says, “He, who rushes is already dead.

Visiting the ancient and crowded  Medinas, ( the old city) like Fes founded in 789 can be overwhelming in many ways. The expression “ it is an attack to your senses” is nothing short of the truth. Fes medieval center has not changed for centuries. Its narrow alleys house hundreds of merchants and craftsmen selling everything you could imagine.

Your eyes are captured by the bright colours of thousands of fabrics, carpets, donkeys, fresh vegetables, cats stealing the butchers meat, beggars, and so much more.

Your nose can’t help to follow the aroma of the spices and oils that eventually drag you to people selling fresh Tajinas , bread, sweets and mint tea.

Your ears go from one voice to another welcoming you in four different languages and then the invite into their shop.

As for your touch, well…the warmth of the red sand of the Moroccan desert underneath your feet whilst watching the sunset is just too much of a challenge to describe.

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If we had to define the territory of Andalusia quickly,  we will use the words : Flamenco , Paella and the Virgen of Rocio

We have been told that the most  important component of flamenco is the element known as duende, which is shrouded in as much mystery as flamenco itself.  Writers and poets over the years have given duende a magical and mysterious meaning, a spiritual significance that goes beyond human understanding.

Many will say that duende can only be experienced in certain surroundings like an intimate flamenco session where a singer will be possessed by the dark tones of the song and the spirit will enter the mind and soul of anyone who opens up to it.


Federico Garcia Lorca  define el duende como el grito degollado de la muerte. Grito de muerte que ha permanecido vivo a través del toreo y se materializa en el flamenco al sintetizarse en él todos los elementos esenciales del alma ibérica y de los pueblos errantes.

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A tapear en España!

Las tapas en España forman parte de la propia esencia de la país,  por la forma de vida de los españoles, por ese punto de informalidad que tanto le gusta. Parecería que salir a tapear  más que  un hecho gastronómico ,en una forma de relación social que propicia charlas entre amigos sentados en una barra con un vaso de vino o un cerveza en la mano. Y en la costa Brava no pudieron faltar las tradicionales gambas al ajillo, esta vez decidimos hacerlas nosotros con un toque de chili y vino blanco al estilo John & Gaby


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