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The BAM Road

The BAM road in the far east of Russia is not for the faint hearted nor for the adventurer motorcyclist looking for a few hours of tough off road challenge’s. What you have instead is 1380 kilometres of obstacles which nature has created over time, to ensure that only the very determined, fit and mentally strong, reach the end of this track that was once called a road. There is also an element of luck, as one strong down pour of rain, a fall from the motorcycle, an impassable river, can bring your adventure and dreams to an abrupt end.

We thank our five companions for their unconditional support, friendship, and many many laughs during this unforgettable eight day adventure!!!

We also take with us many fond memories of the Russian people who live in the forgotten BAM villages along the way (only connected by rail). Although they have very little, they are amongst some of the most helpful, generous and friendly people, we have come across in all our travels.

Blog Video 97 from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

The Vitim Bridge

It is every adventure motorcyclists dream to  ride the BAM road in the far East of  Russia but only a few dare to try each year.   We we’re fortunate to be able to team up with 5 other motorcyiclsts to try our luck at completing this 1380km epic journey on a gravel road which has not be maintained since 1996.

It took us 6 days to complete it, riding 12 hours each day and have only just arrive to the end (a town called Tynda).  As we are both too exhausted to compile a video of this adventure just yet, we have instead provided a little taster of us crossing the Vitim bridge two up.

To the best of our knowledge and from what we’ve been told, we are the first couple (two up on the twin cylinder motorcycle) to ever complete the BAM road.

We hope to get the full video up sometime soon.



Blog Video 96 from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.