Monthly Archives: September 2016


Japan will now wait until early next year as we have since decided to leave our motorcycle in Vladivostok (Russia) for the winter and return in early April 2017 to continue our journey.

With just one hour left before boarding our plane we’d like to share a couple of pics of our last days in Russia.

Many thanks to the guys who have followed us over the past 6 months and to those who have posted a comment every now and then.

We’ll also treasure the many friendships we made over the past months, particularly those in Russia and particularly those who shared our adventure riding the BAM Road and Road of Bones. We’ll miss you guys.


Always a nervous moment as anything can happen during transit!


Great to be reunited with Principessa again.


The final dinner with our Bam and R.O.B friends.  Also with Nikita and his wife, a local biker who helped us find storage for our motorcycle.