3 Days of Pure Adventure in the Bolivian Jungle!

Closed bridges, unseasonal rains, landslides, mud trail, no trail:  we had it all. The trip from Sorata to Guanay is challenging enough without throwing more obstacles in the way.  In total we did 275 km which was 3 days of 8 hour riding. That`s 24 hours of riding to cover just 275km!

Rather than bore you with written detail, you will get the idea of what we experienced in the video clip below.

Hope you enjoy .  Your feedback is welcome.



3 Días de Pura Aventura en la Selva  Boliviana!

Carreteras y puentes cerrados por trabajos, lluvias inesperadas en esta época del año, derrumbes, tramos de barro ,  lo tuvimos todo en un día

El viaje de Sorata a Guanay es lo suficiente difícil sin ponerle todos esos  obstáculos extras  . En total fueron 275 kilómetros – en tres días de 8 horas cada uno – 24 horas en total para hacer 275 kilómetros!

No queremos aburrirte con el relato , mejor mira el video para darte una idea de la experiencia ,

Esperamos lo disfrutes y nos des tu comentario 6


Untitled from SAMt Tours on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “3 Days of Pure Adventure in the Bolivian Jungle!

  1. Patricia

    Oh my God, what a ride! Just to think your father bought or built you motor bikes when you were about seven or eight and it has come to this!!!! I think I will kill him!!!! An amazing adventure , stay safe. Love you both. Mum xx

  2. jorge morato

    John un buen aventurero y Gaby la mejor companhera!
    Buen viaje, los sigo todos los dias.

  3. biglake1

    Your adventures now find you in the jungle near Rurreb. I also visited this area with my wife and son. We took a river trip down to Rurreb. We had hiked 4 days on the Choro trail to Coiroco. Then a river trip that was 3 days to Rurreb. We did not take the motorcycles on this trip as it was several years before my later trip with my brother through Putre Chile into Bolivia. My suggestions here are too late. Please use euculyptas oil and lemon oil will keep the criters away. We had 100% Deet and it only attracted the bugs. Again good luck


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