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Just one week left!

After riding around Newfoundland for the past two weeks, and upon our return to Nova Scotia, it suddenly dawned on us that we have just one week and a day remaining before we fly out of New York!

Some would say that after nearly 5 months we should be ready, but how far that is from the truth you could never imagine.

Blog Video 40 from SAMt Tours on Vimeo.

Back into English territory as we enter the Maritimes

After spending a great few weeks in French Canada, we have now re-entered the English world upon entering the province of New Brunswick (which is very bilingual actually). Also managed to catch up with an old work colleague and friend at the Moncton airport.

Well, we only have a little over 3 weeks left of this journey before we fly back to Santiago after 4 1/2 months on the road.  Are we ready you may ask?  Will let you know in our last blog for the season!

Project – blog video 38 from SAMt Tours on Vimeo.