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Northern Thailand

Whilst most visit Thailand for its all- inclusive beach resorts the real gem (in our opinion) is in the very north where Thailand meets Myanmar (Burma).

Ethic groups such as Shan , Karin, and Hmong are just a few of the many ethic minority groups whom inhabit this remote mountainously region. The humble inhabitants of these small villages and communities could not have been more welcoming!

THAILAND from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

Thailand / Malaysia and now Home

Five months ago we returned to Russia in freezing conditions to continue our journey across and around the world. It was fitting that we should finish in a tropical paradise before heading home for a much needed break.  We´ve left our motorcycle and trusted friend in the good hands of an old work collegue and friend at Sandvik Mining and Construction Malaysia. We´ll return in December to continue our travels towards India and beyond.