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After spending 4 wonderful months at our home in Tasmania, we now find ourselves aboard a plane bound for England. There we’ll meet with our faithful travel companion who started this journey with us in Chile 3 years ago.

Our time in Australia has been very special, spending lots of time with John’s mother and father, catching up with family and friends, and enjoying the raw beauty that Tasmania and Australia have to offer.

Our next journey will start from London as we head towards North Africa.  Where we’ll finish is yet to be decided.

Message for John & Gaby

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South America Motorbike Tours (SAMt) was lead by John Wells and Gabriela Zampini, two lovers of travel and motorcycle touring with a common desire: to share the passion of riding through some of the most remote and unique regions that lay in South America.

We sincerely hope we have fullfilled our customers dreams over the past 6 years. As for us, the time has come to move on. Share your thoughts and impressions with us.