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Liveable Streets in Uzbekistan

We watched the kids play in the streets, smart phones were replaced with sticks, ropes and balls. The girls would skip, chat and giggle while the boys kicked the ball to each other in their favourite Leonel Messi shirt.

We could not help but go back 40 years to remember what it was like to be out on the street with the neighbours until you heard your mum scream to come inside for dinner.

In this part of the world, doors of homes are always open, the streets filled with children playing.  The many aromas from the kitchens find their way to the streets as you wander through them as locals greet with a hello and where are you from.  For us, those streets were a journey back to our childhood and those unforgettable memories .

Blog Video 89 (L) from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.