Entre Pueblos / Between Villages

El camino de Abancay a Ayacucho fue bastante distinto al resto , mucha cornisa, ripio y sobre todo una gran variedad de pueblos my chicos y alturas de 4200 metros con niños jugando en la calle, que al ver la moto,  se acercaban rápidamente para conversar. Estos pueblos mostraban cada uno algo distinguido del lugar , a medida que bajamos de altura se veía un paisaje mas verde con temperaturas mas cálidas y con ese cambio un variedad de flores que con el contraste del adobe típico del lugar y los colores fuertes de las puertas de las casas daban una apariencia muy acogedora. No llegamos a Ayacucho porque estaba cerrada la carretera , en todo caso un buen motivo para acampar cerca del rio , un lugar muy lindo y con una temperara agradable.

The road between Abancay to Ayacucho was quite difficult compared to previous roads we have ridden in Peru. Hundreds of corners on a combination of gravel and dirt, numerous small Andean villages all above 4,200 meters all of which had children playing in their streets.  Seeing the motorcycle, all were eager to take a closer look and whilst apprehensive at first, began asking their questions inquisitively.  Each village had its unique quality.  Those at lower altitudes were covered in greenery and boasted a large variety of flowers which against the modest mud brick homes, projected a feeling of absolute cosiness.

Whilst we didn’t make it to Ayacucho in the day as planned, due to the road being closed in the afternoon, it gave us the perfect excuse to camp beside a beautiful river, and the temperate couldn’t have been better.

21 thoughts on “Entre Pueblos / Between Villages

  1. Ana

    AHHHHH!!!!!…..Me gusta y me tira mucho más el Altiplano que la selva. Es poderosamente increible lo ¨cotideano¨a esas alturas…los mercados y los ¨colores¨…muy lindo! Me hace acordar cuando estuve en Cuzco ó más quizás a Puno! el paisaje es hermoso!!!!!! más acampando y tomando un trago ahí en el medio de la nada!!!!! ES GENIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! además debe ser toda una experiencia ¨la gente¨….otra mirada de como vivir y otros valores no? Besos.

    1. Gabby Post author

      si – eso fue lo que me impacto a mi también – sobre todo las combinaciones de colores – flores – animales y la gente muy cálida

  2. jorge morato

    La cordillera de los andes y los valles, es otra vision de america.
    disfruto mucho con los videos. Suerte y buen viaje

  3. Patricia

    Another wonderful video, dad and I have enjoyed listening and seeing you both. You are certainly living the dream, a long way from Tasmania, Australia. Proud of you both. Take care. Xx

  4. Patricia

    I am sure I saw some pink roses beside the cottage! Also hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow, what a wonderful place to have a birthday! Love Mum and Dad and all your family in Australia.

  5. Robin Banerjee

    Great video, and great trip! What an adventure. We’ve been down to South America three times, twice to watch a leg of the Dakar. But never anything as hardcore as what you two are doing! Enjoy yourselves!


  6. Uncle Gary & Auntie Eileen

    G’day John & Gabby
    Enjoying reading and watching your travels. Looks like you are having a great time. Some of the conditions look to have been a bit tough but no doubt the scenery makes up for it!
    Safe riding and ‘happy birhtday John’ for the 24th

    1. John

      Hi Uncle Gary and Auntie Eileen,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. The riding has been great so far and the scenery and people couldn’t have been better. Had an easy day today, and spoilt ourselves by staying in a luxury log cabin on the side of a mountain. I guess that was my birthday present.


    2. Susan Wright

      Hey Gabs and John it looks awesome. Bought tears to my eyes seeing you cook Gabs either that or hearing Johns voice it has been toooooo long.
      Luv yas travel safe XXXX

  7. Pamela

    Hope this is the blog, not quite sure.

    Anyway loved watching videos. What a great way to go. This blogging and showing movies of your trip is fantastic! Just what will we be doing in even 20 years time? Bit dicey getting bike across river though, what was plan if it had gone in? …..:) Just checking….WE are at age when we have backups of backups…..and it still doesn’t always work!

    1. John

      Hi Pamela,

      That’s why we’re doing it now ( at 46). Still young and cocky enough to trust ones abilities but old and experienced enough to measure the risk.

      Glad you like the videos.

  8. Michael

    Great to be able to follow you on this adventure. The boat looked a bit top heavy with the bike aboard. Happy Birthday for today John. Where are you staying tonight?
    Hope they have some where to wash your undies!!
    At least the weather looks a bit drier now and not so much mud. The bike looks the perfect outfit for these conditions.
    Keep enjoying yourselves.

    1. John

      Your not wrong about the boat being top heavy. Unfortunately we didn’t get the worst bit on camera, which was when we hit the wake of another boat. I reckon i was hanging onto the bike for at least minutes before the rocking stopped.

      The bikes perfect. Big enough to carry all our gear, two up, and the long range fuel tank. Some people would say the 1200 adventure is too heavy, but what’s a few extra kilos matter when your carry an extra person and all the gear you need for the trip ?

  9. Kate Gibson

    Hi John,
    Hope you’re having a great birthday.I have just shown the kids where you and Gabs are they said cool can they come on the next trip!!!Looks like a great adventure.
    Is Gaby cooking in one of the photos?Please tell me it’s not chocolate cake!
    Have fun.


    1. John

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.
      The kids can come along next time as long as you provide them with motorcycles, and pay me to baby sit with all expenses paid!

  10. Tondi

    Chicos no saben lo entretenido que es verlos en los videos, la musica, el paisaje, los niños que se les acercan es atomico !!!!! Los felicito y los extraño asi que sigan haciendolos para estar en contacto.
    Gaby la ultima cancion buenisima la pebbels la canta perfecto ideal para el video, esperamos el proximo !!!!
    Johncito again happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear john happy birthday to you!!!!!
    Un abrazo enorme para los dos!!!

  11. Patricia

    The women certainly do it hard! It shows in their faces and especially their hands. The field of flowers is beautiful, I grow the same flowers here, I am sure they are Stocks grown for their beautiful colours and perfume. Really enjoy the videos and feel we are almost coming for the ride with you!!! I think it would do kids in Australia good to spend a week or two in one of the villages, adults as well. Love to you both. xxxx

    1. Gaby Post author

      yes that is right, also the look on their eyes as if they always thinking about something , gets my attention…..


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