INDIA – The Far North East

From the faces, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in some remote corner or China, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, or even Tibet, The far North East of India is only connected to “mainland” India through a narrow stretch of land barely 30 kilometres wide at its narrowest point.

It has been a melting pot of remote tribes over thousands of years and has a natural beauty and rawness about it that can only be found in few locations in today’s developed world.

We just loved it!

India the far East from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “INDIA – The Far North East

  1. Patricia wells

    Already watched this video many times, I’m so lucky to see all these incredible videos through my son’s and daughter in law’s eyes!!! Interacting with the local people must be a fantastic feeling. Love it. Thanks John and Gaby. Xxx

  2. Ana

    Si no viera los camiones y la moto diria que es un video del 1500 es increible que cultura fuette y hermosa por eso sobreviven a la modernidad. De mas esta decir que eso incluye mucha pobreza. Pero bueno los rosttos .las tunicas los chicos es genial siempre la infancia cualquier cosa es un juego cuanquier cosa es un mundo. La verdad muy lindo. Gracias por compartir. Besos.

    1. GABY Post author

      gracias negri , eso es lo lindo de estos chicos jugar es mas importante que el juguete…no hay smart phones, solo globos , raquetas de papel, cucharitas, bolitas….mas parecido a la infancia que recordamos

  3. Jorge Morato

    Que video maravilloso!!! me encanto!, la musica, la edicion y la fotografia te hacen gustar la experiencia que estan viviendo.
    Me gusta esa forma de ver la India, es encantadora, hay que saber vivirla y apreciarla, no es facil.
    Para mi es un anticipo a mi proximo viaje.
    Ya me comunico con ustedes por messenger. Marzo estare alli.

  4. Nick mainwaring

    Hi John and Gaby .. great video again thank you. I am sure these people have their challenges … but it is great to see the happy interaction when they meet you two. It mus be hard for them to comprehend where you come from!
    cheers, Nick

  5. Don Totten

    Hi John and Gaby we are skiing today. It’s been cold here not like where you are. Another great adventure. I liked the little shot of the old steamer working on the narrow gauge line. We also liked the young dancers. Wonderful to see. I worked the motorcycle show in Calgary last weekend. We are a way off from riding but it gets one into the frame of mind that the new season will be coming. Have a great ride. Don and Susan


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