Diverse, vibrant, overcrowded, loud, exotic, chaotic, colourful, extreme, hectic, welcoming, desperate, extraordinary…….. describing India is not easy and for everyone who comes here there is a different and unique experience. But one must come and experience this wonderful country.

We fell in love with India and everything she is the moment we arrived. Even during the most challenging moments, which somehow seemed to make sense in India, we were able to navigate our way through and come out the other side smiling.

As they say, learn to embrace the chaos, and you’ll love it!

India from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “India

  1. Jorge Morato

    India un país de muchos contrastes, siempre hay algo que aprender. En pocos días más empezó mi viaje por 4 semanas en la india.

  2. Ana

    Amo esas tunicas y pañuelos de colores!!! Los nenesby nenas trasmitrn una alegria increible a pesar de su entorno.
    Los templos que se ven que arquitectura hermosa.
    India esta como detenida antes de cristo! Es una mezcla de oriente con africano! Los rostros de la gente es como si se hubieran detenido por siglos!!
    Hermoso!! Y unico!!!!

  3. Mike & Sandy Adamson

    Excellent as always. I loved the colors. I really like the drone shots. Nice touch and expansion of your videos. Keep it up.


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