Japan’s Road to Recovery

Five years after the Tsunami hit the east coast of Japan , the area still faces a long road to recovery. Entire towns were obliterated in a matter of minutes meaning that many places had to endure years of debris clearance before a single new building could be reconstructed. After spending years cleaning, the workers are now busy raising the ground level several meters. You can see truck after truck bringing fill dirt and cranes working everywhere you look.

If there is one thing we have learnt about the Japanese culture in the short time we’ve been here it’s their resilience and resolve and their ability to work together to reach one common goal.  They really are quite remarkable how they can reach a consensus so quickly, move on, and get the job done.

JAPAN ROAD TO RECOVERY from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

14 thoughts on “Japan’s Road to Recovery

  1. steve roy

    John & Gabi,
    So glad you two are back on the road and posting such beautiful videos – safe travels !

  2. Mike Adamson

    You produce a most remarkable video. Thank you.

    During my time in the Air Force Reserve, I spent several annual tours at Yokota AFB in Japan and Kedina AFB on Okinawa. I have always liked being in Japan because of it’s organization and work together attitude. Where to next?

  3. Ana

    Hermosura de pais nunca imagine era tan lindo Japon. El Tsunami fue muy agudo y sobre todo en Fukuyima, pero es un pueblo muy educado y saben salir adelante!!!!!
    Mucho por aprender!!!!!
    Hermosa experiencia!!!

    1. Gaby Post author

      Gracias negri! son muy organizados , eficientes y saben como trabajar en equipo ..un ejemplo de cultura

  4. Patricia wells

    Love travelling through these beautiful countries with you! And the history lessons. The music so suited the video Gaby. X

  5. PeterStevenson

    Hi Jon and Gaby i always enjoy your videos, our daughter Sharon and her husband toured Japan this time last year they thoroughly enjoyed it said it was the best tour that they had been on.While you are there make sure you try the Japanese cakes especially the one that looks like our Swiss roll just melt in your mouth.
    Peter and Rosemary Stevenson.

    1. John Post author

      Thanks Peter & Rosemary. Already had the Japanese “swiss rolls”, and there almost as good as our meat pies 🙂


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