Kon’nichiwa Tōkyō

If you want a 5 minute introduction to Tokyo, head straight to the Shibuya Crossing. Thousands of people (up to 45,000 in a 30 minute period) – cross at a time, coming from all directions but remarkably, it’s orderly like everything else in Japan. There’s no pushing and everyone is polite as all manage to dodge each other , well….. except for all those tourists that get scrambled in the middle while trying to take selfies ….
There is also the Kawaii, meaning “cute” or “childlike”, culture in Japan. The term is used for the phenomenon of Japanese obsession with cute characters, toys, foods, games, and fashion. This affinity for kawaii, mostly from Japanese women has grown at a tremendous rate over the past three decades and has become an integral part of Japanese society attracting a fair share of criticism. Some women, such as the wife of Japan’s prime minister said in a recent interview “Japan’s women are being held back by pressure from men to be cute, rather than capable.

We’ve seen many young women walking “pigeon- toed” (which at first we though was due to a medical condition) on purpose,purely because they beleive it is cute!

It would appear that the physical appearance of being weak, submissive, childish, helpless and some times dumb, is very appealing to some Japanese men ….

KON’NICHIWA TŌKYŌ from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Kon’nichiwa Tōkyō

  1. Ana

    Es increible la urbe de gente y lo cultos y educados ue son!!! Lo de las mujeres rubias tipo nena Barbi es increible, los dibujos animados tan famosos japoneses llevan al extremo increiblemente lo occidental una ídola de esas “chicas” es Sailon More fijate en youtube algún video impresiona.
    Igual de educados (despues de la experiencia de Hiroshima y Nagasaky) son con la naturaleza es hermosa la imagen del lago con los árboles (me hace acordar acá al Jardin Japones en Palermo, un pedacito muy chico y tranuilo de Buenos Aires.

    1. Gaby Post author

      Exacto , son una cultura muy ordenada y super amable …el tema del cute culture …mmm hay mucha controversia ….

  2. Jorge morato

    Increíble Japón, ciudades llenas pero tan ordenadas y esos parques llenos de flores y gran agradables.
    Gracias por compartir tan lindo viaje, para nosotros es conocer el mundo a través de sus ojos.
    Un abrazo y buen viaje
    Que pasará con korea?
    Un abrazo

  3. Gaby Post author

    Gracias Jorge ! si es el Cherry blossom …muy lindo …gracias por seguirnos siempre una gran abrazo Gaby

  4. Nick Mainwaring

    hi John & Gaby .. we are loving the updates and video’s from Japan .. fascinating place!They deserve all they have achieved after the set backs they have had in the last 70 or 80 years.
    Few more people than you would be used too! Luck those road signs are in English too!!
    We look forward to more … all the best,
    Nick & Jude Mainwaring.

    1. John Post author

      Hi Nick & Jude,

      Glad your enjoying the video’s from Japan. Yes they are an amazing race with what the’ve achieved over the past 70 years or so. Yeh, the English road signs certainly help as does the GPS! Can’t imagine trying to ride through Tokyo 20 years ago without a GPS!!

  5. Patricia Wells

    Another great video Would love to see the beautiful flowering cherries but will have to be satisfied with your superb photography Gaby. Xx


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