17 thoughts on “NEPAL

  1. Don Totten

    Another great video John and Gaby. What a great effort to get the bike across. Where are you headed for now. We are going skiing with our son and grandson tomorrow. Have a great week! Don and Susan

  2. Ana

    Impacta en verdad! Ahí no hay cuento ni son snob con las túnicas y su religión la llevan hasta en el rostro.
    A pesar de la pobreza (no es menor) la sonrisa de la gente y los nenes es un flash.
    Ahí no llego el consumismo extremo, ahí se palpita algo distinto en verdad!!
    Muy fuerte se lo mostraría a profesor de hinduismo ue tanto le discutí ue hay cosas ue sólo se palpitan y se viven siendo parte de una cultura, Incluida la pobreza porue no todo es sólo sostenimiento cultural o religioso.
    Gracias por compartir ese viaje!!!

  3. Carolyn Martin

    Hola, Gabriella & John, what an adventure you both are experiencing! Very disheartening to see that the Nepalese are still recovering. They are strong and determined. I must say that suspension bridge crossing was very courageous!

    1. John Post author

      Hi Carolyn, great to hear from you!
      As you say , they are a very resilient people…. it’s just a shame that the government can’t do more to help too common person.

      Hope you guys are well!

  4. Roy and Darlynn gillrie

    Great video- very sad for these people. We were there in 2015 just after the earthquake.
    Great video!!!
    Roy and Dar

    1. John Post author

      Thank Roy and Darlene. Yes its a real shame that it takes the authorities to get anything done. The people are wonderful.

  5. Mike & Sandy Adamson

    Great video. Have you two considered putting all of your videos together for a film? Bet you would get an award for the great story you tell. Thanks for letting us share your adventure.


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