Roads Less Travelled / Rutas Menos Transitadas

After spending almost three weeks in the Amazon Basin, we have now returned to the Altiplano(highlands), this time in Peru.

Our plan is to now make our way north but instead of taking the coastal route (which we have already ridden), we’ll stay inland on roads less travelled by tourists. Subject to roads being  open and passable, our route will take us through some fantastic mountainsides before plunging once again into deep valleys, including the amazon, and then returning to the snowy peaks of the andes once more.

In the video clip below, you’ll get to see our last 3 or 4 days in the Amazon (including Brazil)   and our ascent to the altiplano in Peru.  Hope you enjoy.


Después de casi tres semanas en el amazonas retornamos al Altiplano, esta vez en Peru.

El plan es seguir hacia el norte, pero en lugar de tomar la ruta de la costa que ya la conocemos , seguiremos el camino que sube por la cordillera , con pueblos muy pequeños y menos turistas. Dependiendo las condiciones de la carretera , la idea es subir por el altiplano llegando nuevamente alturas de 4300 metros para luego entrar nuevamente al amazonas y finalmente terminar nuevamente en los andes.

En el video podrás ver 3 -4 dias en el Amazonas , incluyendo Brasil y el ascenso dentro del Altiplano. Esperamos lo disfruten.


15 thoughts on “Roads Less Travelled / Rutas Menos Transitadas

  1. Patricia

    Fantastic video, love it! I would not wear your underwear either John!! I know you too well! Love the dinghy and especially the outboard motor, glad they took safety precautions and used life jackets!

  2. Ana

    Uh!!!!! que lindo un Wishky y wine ahi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jajajajja….eso es vida!!! que flash los nenes!!!! y el pibito con la camiseta de Argentina!!!! jajajjajaj hasta allá llega la huevada del futbol!!!! que loco la lancha parecía de terror, pero se la re banca y tenían salvavidas!!!!! un flash…..Besos.

  3. jorge morato

    Hermoso! buen cambio de la selva al altiplano, el video y la musica muy buenos, adelante que vamos siguiendo tus noticias.

  4. Hamza

    What a fantastic trip this looks like. I dont know how you ride in that slick pit called Bolivia two up on a 1200 Adventure with all that gear!


    1. John Post author

      Good to hear from you Hamza. Fortunately it isn’t as bad as it probably looks like in the video. In most cases there is a hard base underneath all that muck. Not like the stuff that we tried to ride going into Los Toldos with you guys last year.

  5. clive "Dr Rudi"

    Hiya John and Mrs Wellsie, great to see you guys having such a great trip.
    You’ll have to get some pure merino wool underwear and shirts sent over. You can go days without the “whiff” factor.
    Stay safe, shiney side up 🙂
    Cheers and enjoy

    1. John Post author

      All three pairs of undies and my two shirts are the pure merino type but they had little defences against the the heat and humidity of Brazil. 1 days use was like 10 days use in Tasmania!

  6. Matti Aalto

    Nice real life comments John… the smell eventually gets up to the helmet as well, I once tried on my son´s enduro helmet and had to quickly remove it, I nearly fainted!


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