We´ve be back in Vladivostok Russia for just a week now and ARE quickly reminded why we find this place so special:

ONLY in Russia would you find sunbathers before the ice has even melted

Finish a training session off with a quick DIP

Find a group of bikers who will do ABSOLUTELY anything to give a fellow biker a hand (thank you Russian Samurai´s)

AND find an official BMW mechanic willing to offer his help on a saturday afternoon when he was relaxing at home.

If that was not enough, the component we required to enable us to start our journey to Japan was not in stock in Russia. Not a problem, the manager of the BMW motorad dealership offers the part from his own personal motorcycle.

Thank you RUSSIA

21 thoughts on “RUSSIA ON THIN ICE

    1. Heath

      Sorry guys. .dunno what happened in the blank space…but i put 2 big ” thumbs ” up there in regardst to your vid..didnt show up..damn Russians must of screened it out….LOL !

  1. Nils-Peter Mols

    Hi John and Gaby
    Great to see that you are on the road again. Looking forward following your adventures another season!
    Safe jurney!

  2. Ken Rapoport

    John & Gaby,

    Looking forward to your contimued adventures! We are having our own Russian adventures playing out in Washington DC…not nearly as fun as your video but certainly capturing a lot of attention. Safe travels.


    1. gabriela

      Thanks Ken ….. between Trump, Comey and the Russians you guys have a reality show in Washington DC at the moment ….dont think you will need our videos for fun anymore ….haha xxx Gab

  3. Pardeep Sekand

    Hi John and Gaby
    Great to see you hitting the road again. Looking forward to your further adventures. Wishing you happy and safe travels.


  4. Ana

    Muy buenoooo jajajjaja es increible Rusia un flash con ese frío estan en maya y se meten al mar!!!!!! la mujer con el bebe un flah!!!! Bueno, espero mucho mas del viaje vamos por Japon y Sur Corea!!!!Buen Viaje!!!!!!

  5. Don Totten

    Good day John and Gaby. Nice to hear from you folks. We hope things are going well and you are both well rested after your endurance test last year. We are currently in Europe riding in Spain. It’s a great country for motorcyclist. It’s been very snowy at home so we wouldn’t have the bikes out yet. Earlier this month we completed a tour to Morocco. What an interesting place. We head to France next week. We will be visiting a number of WW1 sites with family from Canada. April 9th will be a big day for us.

    1. John Post author

      HI Don and Susan,

      Great to hear from you guys again. I see your on the road again as well :). Yes we also love Morocco and found it really interesting in a different way. Did you join a motorcycle tour there or rent a bike?

      Enjoy France
      John & Gaby


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