Japan will now wait until early next year as we have since decided to leave our motorcycle in Vladivostok (Russia) for the winter and return in early April 2017 to continue our journey.

With just one hour left before boarding our plane we’d like to share a couple of pics of our last days in Russia.

Many thanks to the guys who have followed us over the past 6 months and to those who have posted a comment every now and then.

We’ll also treasure the many friendships we made over the past months, particularly those in Russia and particularly those who shared our adventure riding the BAM Road and Road of Bones. We’ll miss you guys.


Always a nervous moment as anything can happen during transit!


Great to be reunited with Principessa again.


The final dinner with our Bam and R.O.B friends.  Also with Nikita and his wife, a local biker who helped us find storage for our motorcycle.

33 thoughts on “SPASIBO

  1. Alex Winter

    Great !!
    Home is waiting for you .!
    I will be riding in Patagonia in November eve that not there running those tours .
    Thanks for sharing those unforgettable moments .
    A big hug to the pair of you.
    And yep see you next year.!!
    Alex Winter

    1. John & Gaby Post author

      Hi Alex,

      Great to hear that you’ll be riding the Patagonia in November! Hope you have a great time.

      Until next year!!


  2. Chris Hiriart

    Best of luck John and Gaby

    Always looking forwards to yours videos, so cool. After following you for so long, since you started this adventure. You feel like friends even thou we never met. I was planning to go in one of your tours in Chile, that is how I originally got to know about you… Anyhow, I admire what you do and perhaps one day we’ll actually meet. Until then I will keep a Chilean and an Australian bottle of wine on stand by…

    Best regards,

    1. Gaby&john

      Thank you Chris , where are you from? … we are based in Tasmania so if you come this way at any time let us know ……and bring the wines!

  3. Gary McGlynn

    Thanks for the videos and posts of your travels. Always a pleasure to check them out. Safe flight and enjoy home for a few months.

  4. Peter

    Hi John and Gaby. Has been very enjoyable following your trip with a lot of envy. Love the two up crossing of that dogy bridge that went for ever. Well done. We might bump into you in Tasy.

  5. Pamela

    Glad to see you have survived. Such adventures now all you have to do back home is get rid of that dreadful weed Pat is always on about!!

  6. Pardeep Sekand

    Hi John and Gaby,
    I’m glad that you made it safely to the eastern end of Russia. Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us. You demonstrated incredible courage, fortitude, and… a love of life!
    I hope you get some well deserved comfort over the winter and I look forward to the next leg of journey next year.

    1. Gaby&john

      Thanks Pradeep!
      We are already enjoying the winter in Tasmania …..and the confort of a new cabin ….but we do miss Russia and our bike …

  7. Jorge morato

    Gaby, bueno una etapa más, realmente espectacular. Buen descanso. Hablamos para el viaje de John el año próximo.
    Disfrutamos muchísimo con todos tus videos y la música.
    By by

  8. Mike Adamson

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. You two are the most adventurous people I know. I truly envy and admire you. When I share your posts with my wife, she just says “don’t even think about it” even in our Jeep.

    Thanks again and have a good winter.

  9. Marco

    Increíble Journey. Enjoy your well deserved break now.
    Look forward to keep riding with you around the world next year!.

    Greetings mas Cheers!,

  10. Thordur Eggert Vidarsson

    Safe journey home.
    Hope you find family and friends safe and well.

    Looking forward to next spring 🙂

    Thordur Eggert.

  11. Steven and alex

    Hi john, Gabi
    We have enjoyed following your adventure glad you made it over that bridge ,the whole trip was a great effort that mud must have tested you both.

    1. John & Gaby Post author

      Hi Stretch & Alex,

      Great to hear from you guys. We had a great 6 months and enjoyed every moment of it – even the mud!


  12. Jim Morris

    Look forward to following your journey next year. We thought of you last month when we camped overnight in Stewart BC, Canada where we met you both a couple of years back.

    1. John & Gaby Post author

      Great to hear from Jim. We remember you guys well.

      You never know, we might just make it back to you neck of the woods one day!


  13. Joy Greef

    Thanks again for sharing your journey this year. It has been fantastic to follow you every year. Looking forward to 2017.
    Joy Greef


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