The BAM Road

The BAM road in the far east of Russia is not for the faint hearted nor for the adventurer motorcyclist looking for a few hours of tough off road challenge’s. What you have instead is 1380 kilometres of obstacles which nature has created over time, to ensure that only the very determined, fit and mentally strong, reach the end of this track that was once called a road. There is also an element of luck, as one strong down pour of rain, a fall from the motorcycle, an impassable river, can bring your adventure and dreams to an abrupt end.

We thank our five companions for their unconditional support, friendship, and many many laughs during this unforgettable eight day adventure!!!

We also take with us many fond memories of the Russian people who live in the forgotten BAM villages along the way (only connected by rail). Although they have very little, they are amongst some of the most helpful, generous and friendly people, we have come across in all our travels.

Blog Video 97 from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

34 thoughts on “The BAM Road

  1. roberto stickel

    Unbelievable . Congratulations.
    I went to Kamchatka last year and rode with a 4X4 for some incredible roads with lot’s of mud and rain and was thinking all the way if someone has ever done those roads by bike. Now you gave me the answer.
    Do you know if is there any trail connection between the place you are with Kamchatka ?
    Fantastic trip. I’m envying you a lot.
    Good luck,


    1. John & Gaby Post author

      Hi Roberto,

      As far as I am aware, there is no road between Magadan and Kamchatka and can only be reached by plane during the summer months. In winter when the lakes and rivers are frozen, it is possible for serious adventurers in 6×6 wheelers.

  2. Patricia Wells

    GABRIELA you need a medal!!!! Or any new jacket you want!!! Crazy, but a great adventure. Mosquitos would have driven me crazy!!! See you soon. Xxx

    1. Gaby&John Post author

      New jacket, boots, car , first class tickets back to Tassie , a week in a spa in Thailand …and the medal

  3. Alex Winter

    J & G Masters of extreme adventure treating all of us to an exquisite viewing .
    Almost there guys.
    Keep up the Hard Yacka a bit longer.
    And I could not thank you enough for sharing that life time adventure .

    Alex Winter

  4. Les Baker

    Congratulations on getting through such a brutal track. Can you advise what types of bikes the other 5 are.

    1. John & Gaby Post author

      Hi Les,

      Thanks for your comment. The 5 other bikes with are were :
      (2) KTM LC4 640
      (1) KTM EXC530
      (1) BMW 650 X Challenge
      (1) 650 Tenere

      Hope you trip is going well in North America

  5. jorge morato

    Increíble, realmente un camino sólo para los más grandes aventureros, y esos son ustedes.
    Aprecio la seguridad y el manejo de John y entiendo a gaby lo que pasará con las botas mojadas todo el día! La música como siempre gaby, fantástica! Que super video!!!
    Realmente un camino para expertos y mayor reconocimiento por ir dos sobre una 1200.
    Abrazos! !!!!!!!!

    1. Gaby&John Post author

      Gracias Jorge! 6 dias de botas mojadas , no duchas , mosquitos , camping ……pero valió la pena , acompañados por un grupo muy entretenido con quien compartiremos recuerdos por siempre
      cariños – Gab

  6. NickMainwaring

    Well done John & Gaby .. great video of a tough ride! Must be very satisfying to have completed this one … thanks and cheers, Nick

    1. John & Gaby Post author

      Hi Nick,

      Yes mate, as much as we enjoyed the ride, it was great to finally get to the end of the road.


  7. Sebastian Vicuña

    Another great and amazing adventure. What a way of life !!!
    Continue to enjoy yourselves. Life is too short not to be extreme !!!
    Warmest regards from Santiago, Chile

  8. Ana

    Esto es realmente increible!!!! tengo una conocida ucraniana que el abuelo estuvo ahi preso grrrrrr igual ella le gusto la aventura…es de locos pero unica!!!!!!
    La letra de la cancion es genial!!!!!!

  9. Christian Hiriart

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I take my hat off to you guys, you are living the dream.

    Chris (Chileno en Canada)

  10. Bryan

    That is truly amazing. Brutal but doable… Hats off to you both. Thank you so much for the excellent video and always love the music. Now one question where do you fuel up in these remote areas. In awe!


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