The Bike

Our motorcycle is a stock standard 2011 R1200GS Adventure. Yes that right, stock standard!

Whilst I won’t argue that there are probably better, more durable, more comfortable, solutions on the market for the suspension, seating arrangement, engine protection, etc, etc. etc, there is a lot to be said for being stock standard.

Let’s face it, the German’s don’t put shit quality components into their motorcycles, so thats a good starting point. There are now 1200GS’s all over the world and most all of the critical components (suspension, control modules, drive shafts, etc) haven’t changed over the past 6 years. Therefore there is a good chance you will find either a new or secondhand part within relative close proximity. The same can’t be said for most aftermarket products.

Lastly, after running motorcycle tours up and down the Patagonia for the past 6 years, I know what breaks on the standard 1200GS’s under extreme conditions. The short version to the answer is, very little!















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  1. Penno

    Also, your position does not seem to work in FireFox but it does in Internet Explorer.

  2. Peter

    just noticied that of all the essentials ther is a bottle of whisky and a bottle of wine. is that because australians are well know for thier alcoholic streaks or because bikers are all good drinkers?

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