The Road of Bones

After battling with the mud and clay for a few days, we finally made it to Magadan!
We’ve since packed the motorcycles into a container and sent them on a ship bound for Vladivostok. From there we’ll depart for Japan.

Russia has been great to us and sits high on the list of our most favourite countries ever!

Road of Bones from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

12 thoughts on “The Road of Bones

  1. Gordon

    We had a wee 4 day ride around central NSW over the weekend and I thought that had a bit of rugged dirt in it.
    After watching the ROB adventure I now classify it as 4 lane superhighway!!!

    Love your work and the adventure.
    Looking forward to November!!!!

  2. Alex Winter

    Well done guys , it looked horrendous.
    John , Principessa could not stay upright in that ocean of MUD where survival mode kicks in and nobody is at fault , I am sure ,all of you guys will look back at this with pride.
    Gaby you look very satisfied with your achievements and so you ought to be .

    I am looking forward to your video from Japan.

    Thank you for sharing an other unique riding experience .

    Alex Winter

    1. Gaby@John Post author

      Thanks Alex

      Principessa as usual did a top job …..once we reached Magadan i just couldn’t help to hug her and give a big kiss …she will now be able to rest in Japan ….will be hard to leave her

  3. jorge morato

    Y llegaron a destino Magadan! ! El video como siempre hermoso, muy bien editado, gracias Gaby.
    Realmente John muy seguro en el manejo de la moto, Hemos experiencia.
    Un abrazo y esperamos Japón.

    1. Gaby@John Post author

      Gracias Jorge! tremenda experiencia y de seguro con planes de volver en invierno y cruzar siberia en una van rusa – ya tenemos el contacto para comprar una ….. cariños Gab

  4. Juan Francisco Vázquez

    John y Gaby, QUE BARBAROS!!!!!!!, sin mis héroes, que maravillosa manera de vivir la vida; les mando muchos saludos y los mejores deseos (veo todos sus videos y comentarios).

  5. Don

    The Road of Bones reminds me of our adventures in the north of Canada. The roads turn to porridge when it rains.
    John you look absolutely wiped!!! Good on all of you for finishing this very tough ride. Where to now? Are you headed back to Australia? Or will you carry on to south-east Asia. Hope you have good riding. Its getting cold here so I may not get many more weeks of riding on the road. However there is still the dirt-bike season. Where ever you go have all the best. Don


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