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“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.”
Dalai Lama

We were extremely lucky to be able to ride through Tibet. Few foreigners using private transport are even able to obtain the travel permits let alone ride through using their own motorcycle!
To be given the freedem to ride by ourselves, stop at random villages and visit the locals was something really quite special. We were also very lucky to be able to share the experience with an amazing group of friends from Tasmania.

We can all google the current situation in Tibet so we will not go into detail or get too political about it. We will only comment from we saw and experienced whilst there.

The massive Chinese development is seen as soon as you enter Tibet. The influx of money and Chinese migration to Tibet accompanied by heavy military ( for security purposes apparently) is extraordinary. The restrictions on free speech is very strong and we could sense it .
We were blessed and privileged to see Tibet and its culture before it completely changes or even worse, lost forever.

With thousands of photos & videos and many memories of this journey, it was a difficult video to edit. There were many more exclusions than inclusions, as the friends we travelled with would agree.

tibetlast from SAMt & Bike Without Borders on Vimeo.

33 thoughts on “Tibet Today

  1. john colley

    Where do you get your incredibly interesting and enjoyable music from?
    obviously from the area you are moving tnrough.
    thank you

    John colley

    1. Gaby Post author

      Hi John …in general I search for local music on youtube/ vimeo / iTunes and local social media and films soundtracks …In Tibet I was like to get a local Ap from the guide that allowed me to search and download local songs … Thanks!

  2. Michele Beauchamp

    Extraordinary photos! What a treat for you all, loved seeing the faces of the locals so full of character and hardship yet smiling and friendly. Safe travels and thank you for sharing!

  3. Heath

    Thanks guys..once again more interesting and informative than i would have ever gathered in 10years of schooling!..
    PS..like the little aussie koalas you hand out..great idea..your doing Paul Hogan out of his aussie ambassadors job ! LOL

  4. Penny Hewitt

    Hard to believe we were there with you 2 weeks ago! What an amazing experience we had.. thanks so much for the journey! Talk soon xx

    1. Gaby Post author

      Thanks Penny!! It was just awesome to had you and jude on the trip , some girl´s company for a change …looking forward to Africa

  5. Don Totten

    Another great video. Well done. Tibet and the people look so wonderful. It must have been a special journey though I think you might have wished for warmer weather. I recall our ride to the Arctic was of a similar nature. Endured and never forgotten. I liked your last video as well. Where to next? Hope you have a great ride no matter where your going. Don and Susan

    1. John Post author

      Yes Tibet is a special place even if it were a little cold at times. From Tibet we head to Laos, then Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India and finally Nepal. We’ll leave the motorcycle there for a few months while we go back to Australia for a break.


    1. Gaby Post author

      We off to Thailand Tomorrow!!! sure we can arrange to meet you somewhere , any chance to be in India by December?

  6. Jorge morato

    Afortunados ustedes de conocer el Tíbet como lo están haciendo, increíble!!!!!
    Un país diferente y sólo ustedes lo están viviendo de una manera única.
    Gracias por compartirla.
    Un abrazo

  7. Dave Rawson

    Beautiful memories for me. I took the first motorcycle group from Kathmandu to Lhasa and return back in 2006. There were hardly any roads then. One of the most memorable trips in my life. Thanks for this great short film with appropriate music.

    1. John Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment Dave, much appreciated. Unfortunately we we’re not able to cross to Nepal from Lhasa due to the road closure. Having said that, it will still be fun getting there via, Laos, Thailand and India! Cheers

  8. Ana

    Impresiona todo!!! se lo ve muy vulnerable a la “globalización” y sobre todo teniendo de vecino a China.
    Impresionante la historia del budismo y como intenta sobrevivir.
    Los paisajes y las etnias emocionan.
    Cual es el idioma oficial? (mas allá del mandarin)…hablan sacrito? ó algún dialecto?
    Gracias por compartir algo verdaderamente único.

    1. Gaby Post author

      Gracias Negri, la lengua oficial es mandarin , pero aun hablan tebetean la lengua local , pero lamentablemente va desaparecer ya que en la escuela esta prohibido el uso de la lengua local y mandarin es compulsorio . Es una lastima …por suerte logramos verlo a tiempo , besos

  9. Marco A. Ameglio S.-

    Awesome video, amazing experience!. What can I say!, while watching the video and traveling with you one can share in some way the feeling of being there. Thanks again for sharing and letting us get a touch of such an extraordinaire journey. Godspeed and good luck.


    P.S.: I’ curious, was that the Everest behind you at the end of the clip?!… what mountain is it?!…

    1. Gaby Post author

      Gracias Marco! It was an amazing trip and we learnt a lot from the locals about the current situation , things that you don’t get on the news …. Yes it is the Everest ! and again we were so lucky as it was clear for a while and we got to see it and had lunch outside the base camp looking at it … what else you can ask for??? besos Gaby

  10. Gonzalo Lehuede

    Amazing video !
    I have enjoyed all the videos you have sent on this extraordinary journey. What a unique experience in life !

  11. Ana Elisa

    Great video! Enjoyed so much how the local people is reflected and the music.. it feels so close, despite the fact that I am watching your videos again during a calm Saturday evening in London. Big hugs and keep posting thsese windows to the world!

    1. John Post author

      Hola Anita, great to hear from you!

      Tibet was a wonderful place to visit and experience, we were very lucky!! We may make it all the way back to England in the latter part of 2018, so who know’s, we may come and visit!! Cheers.


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