For most Westerners, Tibet evokes unique images of mysterious plateaus, holy cities, and breathtaking mountains of which all are true.  But you´ll be missing out if you lose the opportunity to take some time out with the locals and especially with the children. Having the freedom to drop into small mountain village´s at random has given us that opportunity. Tibetan children are always entertaining to be with. They are often shy when you first meet them, but it doesn’t take long for them to warm up and before you know it, the whole village is out to meet and greet you.


7 thoughts on “TIBET

  1. Jorge morato

    Por fin noticias, que interesante tibet, muy pocas personas tienen la suerte de conocer lo profundo del país. Me gustan las fotos, después llegarán los comentarios. Un gran abrazo.

    1. Gaby

      Gracias Jorge !
      Ya haremos el video saliendo de China. Tibet es increíble ! ya haremos mas comentarios
      un Abrazo


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